My motorcycle had some difficulty handling, so much even that in the winter weather, I was actually uncomfortable riding it.

...or the case for traditional wet shaving

I am a bit jealous of my one year old son. Every day he keeps discovering things that have long been trivial for the adult world. He does this with a triumphant smile and welcomes his newfound knowledge with an abundance of joy. 17 months later, the text 'Hello World' that we sent to our friends and families appears to be spot on.

Recently, we were experiecing a heat wave. One day, it reached its scorching peak of 35 degrees Celsius, which for a temperate sea climate is extremely hot. Along with a low humidity of ~35% and a strong wind, one could say that it may not have been the best moment to go on a run, most of all on the hottest part of the day.

Dear reader. I'm back. Somewhere back in 2012, I became bored, wanted to refactor, did some tinkering, lost track of time, became a father and BAM! It's August 2014.

The unthinkable happened: a sequel to my favorite game of all time is in the works. My inner geek is squealing with delight. Here. Have some nostalgia.

Currently, there is a raging discussion in the Linux community on the death of the Linux Desktop and who is to blame for it. For years, people have been claiming that the Linux desktop was going to get its breaktrough, but that promise never quite went true.

An Australian retailer has started charging users of Internet Explorer 7, since it costs too much to keep supporting said browser. The user can install a decent browser, thus avoiding the IE7 tax on the spot. Is this a good thing or not?