Welcome to another installment of Joachim and Kim in the States. In this part we will venture deeper south and visit the states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Welcome to part two of our travels through the South. This ramble will be about two cities in Tennessee that are linked with music: Nashville and Memphis.

Here's part one of our adventures while travelling through the Southern US states. Y'all sit back and enjoy.

I've recently started developing web applications in Nooku framework. It is an awesome new framework, but daunting for newbees like yours truly. For one, development goes so fast, that the Nooku community can't keep up with documentation. Fortunately, the community is friendly and helpful.

My GTD 'career' has lasted little over a year. Although I am not religiously holding on to it, it helps me to be more organized. One observation of mine is that although I get more stuff done, things have become more complicated. Since the idea of the GTD method is to simplify things, this may seem a paradox.

A few weeks ago, I tried to explain the concepts of Object Oriented Programming versus Procedural Programming to a she-geek. There was a catch: up to a few weeks ago, she know next to nothing from computers. The analogies I used were so bad, that I really want to share them.

This is a rant against stupidity. Recently, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment, apparently of an overdose. Recently, the death of Dutch rock 'n roll legend Herman Brood was commemorated. He commited suicide 10 years ago by jumping from a large hotel in Amsterdam. Both events revulsed me. Not only did two troubled souls die in a horrible way, people were actually romaticising their deaths.

The combination of an old Plesk version with piss-poor support, a non-backwards compatible database daemon and a bad default option coupled with a poorly executed package update ruined my Friday afternoon. Watch out, kids! Here's another horror story from the ugly world of system administration. For a change, I will dive into something from the *nix world that tries to make my life miserable.