A few days ago I got my first kernel update for my netbook in 7 months. However, it did not boot anymore. Here's what I did to fix it.

Today is a remarkable day. For the first time since 1983, I live in a house that has no desktop computers. All I have is two laptops and a NAS.

It's been 8-ish months since I read David Allen's excellent book Getting Things Done. I read this book in order te be better organized. How did it work out for me?

For all the people celebrating Carnaval...

Oooh! Here's a new one! Microsoft has launched a site to keep people for using its own products! This calls  for a rather old-fashioned rant! Old-fashioned in more ways than one I might add.

Although I planned my Sunday to be as productive yet relaxing as possible, I decided that I would be  a cranky, miserable bastard today.

How much material do you need to ship a few pieces of copper wire? File this one under 'curmudgeonery'.

People who actually talk to me in meatspace, already know this, but my motorbike is broken. My trusty BMW R1100RS died on me. As an aspiring mechanic with a modest set of tools, this was a nice challenge. My father helped me, for which I am very grateful. He has been a mechanic for about 40 years or so, but never specialized in motorcycles.

Read on and find out how (not?) to troubleshoot such a problem.