Currently, there is a raging discussion in the Linux community on the death of the Linux Desktop and who is to blame for it. For years, people have been claiming that the Linux desktop was going to get its breaktrough, but that promise never quite went true.

An Australian retailer has started charging users of Internet Explorer 7, since it costs too much to keep supporting said browser. The user can install a decent browser, thus avoiding the IE7 tax on the spot. Is this a good thing or not?

Earlier this week, our minister of internal affairs launched one of her 'brain'-farts. Students were to be invited to try to hack government servers and applications. Free of charge. Sadly, this attitude towards IT skills as something that I encounter daily. 

I do my own stunts. That goes for both my driving and the way I keep my bike in a ridable shape. Recently though, I was almost forced to have a professional dismantle a large part of my bike. The reason? Bad clutch design.

Last tuesday, a lawsuit of Brein, the Dutch IP protection association against two ISPs was won. Both ISPs are forced to block access to The Pirate Bay. This is bad on many levels. Here's but a few of them.

This is a gist of several ramblings that I intended to post on my blog, but never did. The reason is simple: these ramblings pop up into my head during long runs. When I get home, the moment is gone. 

If you stumble upon my little blog, you'll probably notice that I am a web programmer. Although I am wary about mixing work and downtime too much, I am working on a hobby project of mine, using the exact same tools and frameworks that I use for work. This is a great difference compared to my previous job, in which programming actually felt like a punishment. Read on if you want to know what made me change my mind on programming in the weekends.

This post should actually be titled "How to behave like an ass in Dutch traffic, and get away with it". However, one important part of this rant will not be mentioned, and that is survival in the broader sense of staying sane.