I was born as Joachim van de Haterd on September 11, 1976 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My internet name has been der Joachim since the 1990s. The German article is there because of the German habit of putting articles of people's first name. There aren't too many people in the Netherlands called Joachim, so it was strangely appropriate.

In 1994 I joined the Arts faculty of Tilburg University. Soon, I decided to follow the computational linguistics direction. Some of my extracurricular activities include chairmanship of the Students' association Phoenix and editorship of the facutly magazine Kik. I never graduated and quit my studies in 2000.


I have many hobbys and interests. I the past I played Role Playing Games (both tabletop and LARP), I played tabletop and computer games. I have two book cases worth of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (and three bookcases of various other genres). I am an avid programmer and computer enthusiast. I love tinkering with computers and OS'es and occasionally, I play with other electronics as well (mostly on my motorbike).

I have been making web sites since 1996 or so and have been actively participating in usenet discussion groups, forums, social media (see side bar) ever since.

This is the sixth-ish incarnation of my web site.


I started running in 2000 and never stopped. For me, it is the best way to order whatever is in my head at the time. It is the ultimate form of meditation. That's the best there is to tell about running. Doing it is more interesting than other people's boring yarns about running.

The longest distance I ran in races, is the half marathon. Maybe, in the future, I will run an entire marathon, but I am not training at the moment.


Motorcycling has a number of advantages for me: less bother of traffic jams, great manoeuverability, and fast. For me, the best reason to be on my bike is the feeling you get of being on the road. I love being more in touch with the elements, just like running. It enables me to order my thoughts. There is a certain feeling of independence when on a motorcycle. Some would call it 'freedom'. It is a cliche, because it is so recognizable.

My current motorcycle is a 2000 BMW R1100RS. My wife Kim has a BMW R850R, built in the same year.


At the moment I live in the city of Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands with my wife Kim and our son Roald.

Professional know-it-all

I have been a know-it-all since I could talk. It runs in the family. I made this hobby my job.