Recently, we were experiecing a heat wave. One day, it reached its scorching peak of 35 degrees Celsius, which for a temperate sea climate is extremely hot. Along with a low humidity of ~35% and a strong wind, one could say that it may not have been the best moment to go on a run, most of all on the hottest part of the day.

I went anyway.

During my run, I saw a man who was eating an ice cream. Our gazes briefly locked as I ran by. I saw a look of mild surprise (which was appropriate; who in his right mind would run in this ungodly weather?). He called out: "Hey diehard!" and "Bravo!".

I was happy and grateful for this. It did give me a bit more energy. But as welcome and motivational this compliment was, it was incorrect. I am not a diehard. I am merely a very stubborn man.