My motorcycle had some difficulty handling, so much even that in the winter weather, I was actually uncomfortable riding it.

It is the middle of winter now and the weather is cold and harsh. If possible, I still ride. But slowly my Beemer had started to feel heavier. It took some more effort to steer it and when braking, it felt as if it first 'dove' before any actual deceleration.

On a particularly slippery Thursday morning I almost fell when the car in front of me suddenly wasn't only non-stationary, but uncomfortably so. All I could do, was move sideways. The icy road did the rest and I was forced to park my Beemer on its cilinder protector.

I thought that my front shock absorber was gone. There's no shame in that, since it is already 15 years old. Old stuff breaks, especially when regularly used. However, I remembered something from my repair manual: those clever Germans made my front shock absorber adjustable. So before going shopping, I decided to take a look first.

I removed the side fairing and inspected the front shock absorber. It appeared dusty and grimy, but intact. Right on the left side, there was a screw, possibly a M6. After a quarter turn, I reinstalled the fairing and I rode off to work.

Even in my experienced hands, my Beemer suddenly appeared to jump forward upon accelerating. It handled more easily and the steering reminded me of a razor blade again.

So much difference for a quarter turn of a single screw...