Four years ago, when I started this blog, I chose to use Joomla. It has served me pretty well, but since version 3 was launched, some stuff started irritating me, most of all the actual content editing.

My wishes for a small blog are pretty simple: I need a few more or less static pages, an overview of blog posts, a way to display single posts, some way to tag or categorize it and a customizable theme. And a decent editor.

The available editors for Joomla are a nightmare in terms of usability and stability. I find myself manually editing the underlying HTML code because the editor messes it up. Furthermore, since I use only some typographical tags, my needs for an editor are modest. I would prefer the medium or evernote editor for my CMS if it existed. These are clean and user friendly and do not interfere with my editing.

The editing screen itself is a mess and I notice that both novice users and experienced users such as myself have trouble finding some basic functionality. Also, the article edit screen has so many options that nobody uses, whereas some useful functions are hidden deeply.

There's one other thing that bugs me about Joomla for blogging: the sheer number of functions that I will never use. A clean install has a relatively big database and a large codebase. A Joomla site is not very fast, nor particularly efficient. It is no showstopper for a small blog such as mine, but it does not sit well with me.

Joomla has grown into today's emacs. It has everthing but the kitchen sink, but its editing capabilities are horrible.