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Der Joachim

Geek, runner, motorcyclist, father, professional know-it-all.

Running Blogs are Missing the Point

I have yet to find a truly interesting blog on Running. Sure, there are many blogs with training tips. There are plenty so-called self help websites that urge people to go on a run. However, a blog on what it actually means to be a Runner is apparently hard to find. Most running-related websites see running as a tool, not as a goal in itself.

Choosing a New Blogging Platform

Earlier this week, I wrote a slightly harsh post on why I stopped using Joomla for my personal blog. I still feel bad about it, even as a vim user. Emacs does not deserve that. Whereas the previous post was about my reasons for leaving Joomla, this post is about my choice for a new blogging platform.

Joomla is the Emacs of CMSs

Four years ago, when I started this blog, I chose to use Joomla. It has served me pretty well, but since version 3 was launched, some stuff started irritating me, most of all the actual content editing.

On Philosophy, Architecture and Ants

On 29 & 30 October 2014, the yearly-ish Nooku Jam was held. The Moyo Web Architects team was there with a stronger presence than ever. As one of the organizers put it, we keep spawning. Five of us were there. Two of us did presentations and one of us tells his story.


I am a bit jealous of my one year old son. Every day he keeps discovering things that have long been trivial for the adult world. He does this with a triumphant smile and welcomes his newfound knowledge with an abundance of joy. 17 months later, the text 'Hello World' that we sent to our friends and families appears to be spot on.

I'm Not a Diehard. I Am Merely Stubborn

Recently, we were experiecing a heat wave. One day, it reached its scorching peak of 35 degrees Celsius, which for a temperate sea climate is extremely hot. Along with a low humidity of ~35% and a strong wind, one could say that it may not have been the best moment to go on a run, most of all on the hottest part of the day.