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Der Joachim

Geek, runner, motorcyclist, father, professional know-it-all.

IE6 countdown

Oooh! Here's a new one! Microsoft has launched a site to keep people for using its own products! This calls  for a rather old-fashioned rant! Old-fashioned in more ways than one I might add.

On packing material

How much material do you need to ship a few pieces of copper wire? File this one under 'curmudgeonery'.

Pictures of a bleeding bike

People who actually talk to me in meatspace, already know this, but my motorbike is broken. My trusty BMW R1100RS died on me. As an aspiring mechanic with a modest set of tools, this was a nice challenge. My father helped me, for which I am very grateful. He has been a mechanic for about 40 years or so, but never specialized in motorcycles.

Today is GTD Wednesday

Since I have the evening for myself, and I'm home from work early, I'd use my 'free' evening to get some stuff done.