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Der Joachim

Geek, runner, motorcyclist, father, professional know-it-all.

Back in Town

Once upon a time, I was a lowly ICT helpdesk guy. My manager had just moved his office into the main building and had his telephone reconnected. To celebrate, he called our receptionist. He spoke the immortal words: "I am back in town, honey!"

How to Resize Virtualbox Images for Vagrant

Earlier this week, I had a pressing matter of disk space unaccountably running out on my Vagrant box. Vagrant machines are commonly quite small. Normally, that would be no big problem, since LAMP stacks generally do not need much disk space. However, suddenly I had an unusable vagrant box. Damn.

On Pre-Race Jitters

Today, I ran my first race in five-to-six ish years. It was a 10k cross-country run. Interestingly, I experienced the same old jitters that I used to have when I was more fanatic in the old non-dadbod days.

Autofs Weirdness Fixed

I just (hopefully) solved an annoying problem with autofs and thought I would share it with the world and save someone a few hours of debugging.

Putting it in the Past

On Leaving an Employer

This week, I made a minor step that felt as the end of an era. Recently, I switched jobs. With my former employer, I agreed to retain my laptop and phone in case they wanted to hire my services . Last week, I returned them, which made me feel strangely liberated.

Give Me a Few More Decades

Back when my grandmother and her siblings were still alive, my parents arranged a dinner for them. They sat next to each other and had over 240 years of memories to share. All they talked about, was the past, which makes sense. Having lived through a huge economic crisis and a World War, they had done their part. Soon, the world would go on without them and they were at peace with themselves. All that was left, was their long lives to reflect upon.

Liberation Day

Today is our national Liberation Day, which used to be the celebration of the end of World War Two. Over the years, its meaning has been evolving. Today, we celebrate liberty, democracy and human rights in general. Or do we?

Grokking Vim Buffers

After many years of vim use, I finally grok buffers, or rather, I get why they are still as widely used as they are.